Handling Jamming Pod Mod Issues

All of us put a good quantity of time, loan, and effort into making the most of our Pod Mod systems, which is why a jammed piece can destroy our day. If a part of your pod system is jammed, it’s definitely going to interfere with our capability to continue vaping.

We have produced a basic guide that will assist you in repairing any jams so that you can solve back to delighting in those vapes and appropriately keeping your pod package.

Learn the fact that any part of your pod mod can end up being jammed which eventually means that your buttons, coils, battery, and other elements are vulnerable to getting stuck from time to time. Pod mods are little, portable gadgets that are exposed to a range of elements throughout the day, and specific elements can trigger a piece to get stuck in location.

What Can Trigger A Part To Get Jammed In The First Location?

These elements are typically the most typical:

  • E-Liquid Gunk

As your gadget continues to get used, that sugar gets more difficult and harder, and for that reason, stickier and stickier.

  • Dirt and Particles

Pod mods, as we understand, are extremely portable sets. These things can work their method into your gadget and trigger a piece to get stuck.

  • Hardware Element

If you’re using an irregular hardware element with your pod mod setup, a Jamming Pod Mod Issue will undoubtedly happen. If you’re attempting to use the incorrect cartridge with a pod mod, the cartridge can get stuck because it wasn’t implied to fit with the mod. Using the incorrect coil for your pod cartridge can trigger a jam.

  • Age

In some cases, pieces begin to jam up since your pod mod is old and requires to be changed. Gradually, pieces can discreetly alter or broaden shape due to elements like direct heat exposure and wear and tear.

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How To Handle Jamming Pod Mod Issues?

  • Coil

A jammed coil is most likely triggered by vape juice gunk that has surrounded it and gotten into its connections. If this is the case, dispose your pod cartridge and run it under warm water for about a minute.

  • Battery

Take a cotton bud or another skinny, non-sharp item and press it through. Or, you can attempt to carefully squeeze the mod on either side to make more space for the internal battery.

  • Cartridge

Use your fingernails to scrape around the connection point to remove any gunk that has actually gotten into that location if this has happened.

  • Button

A jammed button can normally be corrected with a toothpick, despite whether the jam has been triggered by juice gunk or particles. Run the toothpick along with the imprints where the button is put.

Remember, like any tool, a pod system is susceptible to concerns from time to time, consisting of jammed parts.

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Important Tricks And Tips For Smooth Vaping

Well, when you start vaping for the first time, it might take a while to get adjusted to it. You need to ensure that you have all the essentials. You need to have cartridge, battery, e-liquid, e-cigs etc. Once you have everything ready you can start vaping right away.

Things to keep in mind

  • Well, using an e-cig device is not that hard. However, in order to improve vaping experience you will have to master the art of vaping.
  • You don’t need to be disheartened as every other expert vaper was a beginner once.
  • Besides, we are all prone to mistakes since we are human beings. We should learn from our mistakes and move on as quickly as possible.
  • You will take some time to perfect the art of vaping. You should be patient about this.

Let’s have a look at some of the most important tricks and tips regarding vaping below.

You should refill the e-liquid

It is important to refill the e-liquid. But you need to keep in mind that refilling can be a messy process. We recommend doing it on a suitable surface. You can use paper towels which will allow you to keep it clean in case if it gets messy.

While doing refilling you should ensure that you don’t get e-liquid in the centre tubing. This can lead to flooding. Or in other words you might have e-liquid in the mouthpiece while using it which is totally messy. You should clean it up immediately in this case. You can keep the clearomise upside down for a while. Or you can clean it with some tissue. However, you must clean it to avoid any problem later.


Next up, you need to fix the flavor. Sometimes you might experience weaker flavor along with less vapor. There are two possibilities, either the battery is running low or there is not enough e-liquid in it. By taking the right steps you will be able to fix it. If there are no issues regarding charging or refill, then priming can be the issue. You need to prime the e-cig. Having slightly burnt taste of the e-liquid is the perfect indication of the same.

What do you mean by priming? Well, priming is the act of manually igniting the coil burning by taking shorter puffs. This will help the coil to burn and hence ignite the e-liquid. Once you are done with this vaporization will happen without any problem. You will enjoy consistent vapor once you have fixed this problem.

Sometimes the issue might be with the clearomiser. May be it is time for you to get a new one. Well, our recommendation is to change clearomisers once after every 10 refills. This will ensure that you have vapor which is filled with flavor. You will also enjoy full vape. We also recommend cleansing your clearomiser every once in a while. When you look into all these small things you can be ensured of a smooth vaping experience!…

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