All that you Need to Know About E-Cigarette

All that you Need to Know About E-Cigarette

With the rapid development of technology, so many things have indeed changed so much. Many discoveries have been made and other amazing gadgets have been made too. All this aims at making your life simpler and comfortable than it was before. In the past, people smoked cigarettes for some specific reasons. When it became monotonous, various companies developed the e-cigarettes which are also supposed to be used just like the normal cigarettes. The reason why the electronic cigars had to be discovered is because they were considered to be less dangerous than the normal ones. Since they are electronic, they are charged through either the USB or through their rechargeable batteries. Instead of burning of the tobacco in the traditional cigars, this electronic gadget is filled with the e-liquid that is triggered to produce the vapor that you can inhale and still have the same sensation just like the sensation that you could have gotten out of smoking tobacco from your normal cigar. The following are some of the differences between your electronic cigar and the normal cigarettes;

  • Smoke
  • Sensation evoked
  • Burning


Smoke is one of the common features that are related with smoking of cigarettes. It is very common with the smoking or normal cigarettes. It is produced by any source of heat that is used to burn the tobacco in your cigarettes. You are then supposed to inhale the same smoke so that you can inhale the burning nicotine that is present in your tobacco cigar. It is the nicotine smoke that stimulates your senses so that you can rest assured that you will get the effect as you smoke. However, this is much different when you compare it with the e-cigarettes. Here, you only need to ensure that your electronic cigar is charged. You will then try to inhale the vapor with your mouth. This will then trigger the equipment to produce vapor out of the e-liquid that is available in the gadget. The moment you inhale the same vapor, you will experience the same sensation that you could have felt with the normal cigars.

Sensation evoked

If you have smoked the normal cigar from the past, you know how you feel out of the effects of your tobacco. The moment you resort into the common vaping, you will also realize the impact is almost the same. This is because of the fact that the e-liquid found in the e-cigar contains some elements of nicotine.


While you need to literary light up your normal cigar, you will not have to light the e-cigarette. With this one, you will only have to make sure that its battery is charged so that it can heat up the e-liquid and produce the vapor. You will then inhale the same vapor that probably contain some level of nicotine that you need for you to feel the kind of sensation that is expected to be cause by the tobacco. This gadget can be used repeatedly unlike the normal cigars that are used once.