How To Handle Jamming Pod Mod Issues?

  • Coil

A jammed coil is most likely triggered by vape juice gunk that has surrounded it and gotten into its connections. If this is the case, dispose your pod cartridge and run it under warm water for about a minute.

  • Battery

Take a cotton bud or another skinny, non-sharp item and press it through. Or, you can attempt to carefully squeeze the mod on either side to make more space for the internal battery.

  • Cartridge

Use your fingernails to scrape around the connection point to remove any gunk that has actually gotten into that location if this has happened.

  • Button

A jammed button can normally be corrected with a toothpick, despite whether the jam has been triggered by juice gunk or particles. Run the toothpick along with the imprints where the button is put.

Remember, like any tool, a pod system is susceptible to concerns from time to time, consisting of jammed parts.